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The stem of the pipe in Doctor MacDonald's hands

snapped.  He flung the thing into the fire, turned on his heel,

and went out the door without a word.
"Our people," Mr. Munn thought.   Then asked, "Our

people, who are they?"

" It was that fellow Lew Smullin phoning saved me," Doc-
tor MacDonald said. "But by the barest. Yes, sir, there
wasn't a minute to spare. It was getting on toward sundown,
but nearer dark than you might expect for the time it was—
it'd been raining off and on all day and still overcast, and
promising to drizzle—and that was luck, too, I reckon. I'd
just got in from making my rounds and was getting dried out
in front of the fire, when the telephone rang and Viola
answered it and said it was for me. It was that fellow
Smullin. He just said, right fast and near a whisper, * This
is Smullin, Smullin, over at the courthouse; they got a
warrant out for you and they're coming, with soldiers; they
been gone quite a spell/ Then he hung up, quick, before I
really caught on what he was saying. By that time Portia
and my wife'd come in, and I told them not to get excited,
but the soldiers were coming to arrest me, and I was going
to get my horse and get out the back way by the old road
they used to get timber out by. You'll have to hand it to
those girls now; they didn't do any cutting-up. They didn't
say a word. Cordelia went sort of white, and took hold of
the back of a chair with one hand. Then she said,' All right,
111 go down to the stable with you while you saddle up.*

"But Portia said no, that wasn't the thing to do. That
they'd be watching the back, if they had any sense. And I
said, ' Well, the Lord knows they'll be watching the front if
they're here, and I'd take my chances/ She didn't answer
me, just looked out the window. Then she said to Viola, just
like she was telling her to do something round the house—
Portia, she's boss in the house here—she said,' Viola, get me the
bandage box.' Viola let her jaw drop and looked at Portia for a
second, and I guess my jaw dropped some too at her asking for